Can you go to law school with an MBA?

Can you go to law school with an MBA? Is it possible to get a law degree and an MBA from the same school simultaneously? Yes, though a U.S. a law degree typically takes three years while an MBA takes only two and the workload of doing both at the same time is apt to be a bit stressful.

Your questions are asked in a slightly awkward way, so I may not give you the answer that you need. I am going to assume that you are trying to determine whether you can pursue a degree in business at the same time that you pursue a degree in law. My answer is that it depends on the country and type of degree.

You said “LLB,” so I assume that you are not in the U.S. The LLB if typically a first degree in law and is achieved at the undergraduate level. The MBA is a graduate level degree in business. People do not typically pursue graduate level degrees in business while pursuing undergraduate degrees in law. However, if for some reason the LLB is not your first degree, then you might be able to enroll at a school that allows you to pursue both degrees.

In the U.S. you could pursue both degrees at the same time through a “joint degree” program. However, the law part of that program is called a J.D. (short for juris doctorate, juris doctor, or doctorate of jurisprudence, depending on who you ask), and it is obtained after you have already obtained.

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